Zuted Tropical Twist Sativa Enhanced (5mg) Gummies

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THCA Liquid Diamond Full Spectrum Cannabis Infused Gummies. Ocean Plant Base, Vegan, Gluten Free. We utilize Nano Molecular technology to create the fast-acting rapid onset.

Our Tropical Twist Sativa gummies are enhanced with botanical terpenes that may assist in creating euphoric and energizing experiences. Our Gummies are infused with Irish Sea Moss. This has a lot of health benefits. It supports healthy immune system, promotes good digestion, supports healthy heart and improves metabolism to list just a few benefits of sea moss.

These are ideal for keeping you focused on the task at hand, refining your creative endeavors, or even better, getting you out on your next expedition!

100mg THC per package, 5mg THC per gummy.

per pack
per pack