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Skywalker OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a potent THC content ranging from 20% to 30%. It is a cross between Mazar and Blueberry OG strains. The dominant terpenes found in Skywalker OG are myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene. Skywalker OG is well-known for its relaxing and euphoric effects, making it an excellent choice for stress relief and pain management. This strain is often used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The strain’s name pays homage to the Star Wars franchise, featuring the namesake of Luke Skywalker himself. Skywalker OG’s creators chose to name the strain after the Jedi hero due to its potent, “forceful” effects. When it comes to taste and aroma, Skywalker OG has a spicy, herbal flavor with hints of earthy undertones. The top flavors and aromas include diesel, pine, and spicy herbal notes. As for Luke Skywalker, well, we can only imagine him toking up on some Skywalker OG after a long day of fighting the dark side. Perhaps it’s even what helped him stay so calm during those intense lightsaber battles. Who knows, maybe Yoda was growing Skywalker OG on Dagobah all along!

Ways to Utilize Cannabis Shake

Shake is very versatile, and many cannabis consumers look forward to giving new life to the little bits at the bottom of their stash. Aside from preventing unnecessary waste, repurposing shake instead of just throwing it away helps you get more bang for your buck. Keep in mind that if you want to reap the benefits of the shake’s cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.), you will first need to decarboxylate it.


While most people aren’t rolling up cannabis trimmings, it isn’t uncommon for people to smoke their shake. In fact, some folks specifically purchase bags of shake, which is drastically cheaper than top-shelf flower, from dispensaries. Shake is generally considered a lower quality product, but it still has lots of phytonutrients to offer.


Making cannabis-infused tea is a great way to utilize shake. Simply add your desired amount of shake to the water when preparing your favorite tea and allow it to steep for several hours before straining the plant material. Add sweetener, lemon, or any other additives that you prefer as usual.


Cannabis shake can and is commonly utilized to make a wide variety of edibles. We recommend using your shake to make cannabutter, cannabis coconut oil, or cannaflour, which can be substituted for standard butter, oil, and flour respectively in a wide variety of recipes. Remember, when making homemade cannabis edibles from whole plant material, you must first decarboxylate the cannabis to activate the cannabinoids.


Shake is also a very affordable and effective way of making your own cannabis tinctures at home. Tinctures have been made and consumed by various cultures for centuries and are great for microdosing or medicating due to their precise doses. Green Dragon tinctures are one of the most common in the cannabis space.


Shake’s decent concentration of cannabinoids makes it a great candidate for use in the production of cannabis concentrates and oils. Various extraction methods can be used to turn cannabis shake into concentrates like shatter, wax, rosin, and a variety of oils. Shake can be utilized to make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and full-extraction cannabis 0il (FECO).

Bonus Tip: If you create a Green Dragon tincture, you can utilize it to make FECO at home in an Instant Pot with ease!


Use your shake to create a topical product such as a cream or salve. A simple salve base can easily be made at home utilizing the recipe found here and then added to your favorite existing cream or lotion or to an ingredient such as beeswax to create a thick salve. To customize the topical infusion to your preferences, you can also add other ingredients such as vitamin E and/or essential oils.


Want to spice up your favorite beverage? You can add shake to water, vodka, or anything in between (just remember to decarb and finely grind the shake first). Check out some simple instructions for making cannabis-infused milk, vodka, juice, and coffee in this post—just substitute the trim for shake.

Key Takeaway

Cannabis shake is a diverse, semi-potent, and affordable cannabis product that can be used to make a variety of infusions. Or to keep things simple and quick, just smoke it! The quality of your shake might differ from time to time, but you should always be able to find a use for it. If you’re interested in using your shake—either alone or in one of the products suggested in this post—to medicate, talk to a medical cannabis doctor in your state to determine the best treatment plan.