Day Dreamers Cannabis Infused Chocolate 1:1 CBD


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DAY DREAMERS CHOCOLATECBD 1:1 SEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE BARCBD 1:1 Ratio Bar 100mg CBD : 100mg THC: 10 x 10mg CBD / 10mg THC Blister Packed Chocolate

* Our CBD 1:1 Semi-Sweet chocolates offer the greatest medicinal values. It features rich dark chocolate with a fresh, crisp mint flavor. With 100mg CBD and 100mg THC (10mg CBD / 10mg THC per slug) It is effective in treating inflammation, anxiety, spasms, and overall pain relief.

• Best Edible, 2013, High Times San Francisco

• Best Edible, 2014, Santa Cruz Cup

• Best Edible, 2018, Jack Herer Cup

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